About Us

We connect companies with top-tier talent on demand

Luminairy is a start-up company launched by a team of Chicago Booth MBA alumni. We strongly believe that MBA students and alumni have abilities and passion for improving the organizations around them. We connect such students and alumni with companies to solve their organizational challenges.

The knowledge economy drives demand for highly-educated professionals that can solve sophisticated business problems. However, employers are finding it difficult to identify the right people with specific skill sets, despite a surplus of talent and high unemployment.

Luminairy’s mission is to connect companies with experienced sought-after professionals for short-term engagements. Companies get low-cost, reliable access to top-tier talent on an “on-demand” basis, while professionals engage in interesting opportunities to leverage their expertise and expand their professional network.

If you have feedback, want to discuss project opportunities or would like to join our team, please feel free to contact us.